Losers -Losers


About the project:

Newcirque show inspired by the poem:

Fateful shadow

(Anna-Marie Mlezivová)


What are you doing here?

We have seen each other for a long time.

You look tired.

Do you remember the times when we danced all night?

We counted stars.

And you gave it to me, that flower.

The rose.

Because each star represents one path.

You prefered the thorny one.


The winners of the first year television show Czech and Slovak’s got talent – acrobatic duo DaeMen- has asked other dance and acrobatic performers to work on a new project Loser(s) under the production of own art agency United Arts. The choreography shielded reputable Jarek Cemerek. In this project is peforming only half of the duo, Petr Hornicek, but the viewers have to look forward to something special.


The new cirque show LOSER(S) is presenting the issue that many people in our society loose their own personality and the vision of personal and partner life. The question is where is the limit among our model, love and partner.


“The life brings also losses. The human being becomes loser even in the love field. The one is taking thorny way but there is glimmer of hope that is going to end with the feeling of hapiness and love.”


Theme, direction and choreography: Jarek Cemerek

Acrobatic compositions: Petr Horníček

Costumes: Andrea Rubin Smělíková, Eva Suchánková

Body drumming: Carli Jefferson

Music: Ondřej Havlík – En.dru



Women: Jana Vrána

Her alter ego: Jana Telcová

Chosen one loser: Matyáš Ramba

Losers: Petr Horníček

Jindřich Panský

Lukáš Macháček

Vítězslav Ramba

Stewardess a commentator: Ondřej Havlík – En.dru



Taneční aktuality

The Loser(s) aren’t losers!

“On the new circus we usually admire fantastic acrobatic performances, humor and a “higher” artistic dimension what the performance should contain. It is artistic and entertaining experience. The Lose(s)  has all of it and therefore worth seeing.”


Opera Plus

The Loser(s) new circus engagement with contemporary dance.

“Maybe  the serious thoughts are pushed to the background watching the humor and breathtaking artistic numbers, but the onlooker will certainly appreciate the complexity of the whole piece and through the entertainment can peacefully take away food for thought.“


Divadelní noviny

Perseids over Letná No. 2

“However, more importantly is, that Losers are characterized by professionalism and precision. Thanks to all artists involved, who created the project rarely seen in the  Czech environment. A considerable share of this certainly has the cooperation with Jarek Cemerek, choreographer and dancer, who gave the project a large dose of spontaneity and originality.”


Český rozhlas – Mozaika

The tension between man and woman in the pure dance form.

“Performers, acrobats perform various situations of seduction and the fight for the girl using flips, somersaults in the air and on the ground, balancing techniques on the hands and finally contemporary dance. Especially the dance elements that five male protagonists show, excel brisk dynamics, tension and manly strength. About the comic situations at the beginning and during the performance cares the musician Andrew Havlik, which accompanies the whole show wih the beatbox.”


iDnes.cz – Kultura

Circus chapiteau where men measured muscles and girls are shy.

“Daemen present themselves with the force acrobatics show. An important component of the show is clearly music, beatbox of Andrew Havlik alias En.dru.”


Prima TV

VIP – Akrobaté na Letní letné


Czech TV

Události v kultuře – ČT Art






Petr Horníček

Tel: +420 775 570 880
Email: petr@unitedarts.cz


Eva Tázlerová

Tel: +420 605 285 601
Email: eva@unitedarts.cz