Matyáš Ramba
Fanny Barrouquére
Matěj Randár
Light design:
Karel Šimek, Michael Bláha
Karel Šimek
Lucka Červíková
Martin Tvrdý
United Arts
Žádná plánovaná představení


Is there a way to save a troupe that is falling apart and prove that the long-term on-stage hard work wasn’t in vain? The heroes of our new performance, professional acrobats, wish to create a revolutionary artistic piece with an extraordinary spiritual and cultural value. Something that goes beyond them. A spectacular play that is going to change their lives forever. Their magnificent project needs to be paid for first though, so they become (as many other artistic ensembles) fully dependant on generosity of grant committees and fickle favour of the audience. They’re willing to sacrifice just anything to achieve their goal: their own money, pride, and even their health.

The draft of the magnificent performance is constantly changing, depending on the budget. The acrobats need to deal with the pessimistic condition of gymnastic apparatus, unsatisfactory training environment and other bizarre problems. Outside the training rooms, other stories are taking place, reflecting real-life experience of our acrobats. They’re forced to find a balance between daily theatre rehearsals and their “normal” job, so they can devote to the activity they truly love. They’re inventing a truly Czech way to save the day, using many DIY hacks and resourcefulness. There’s gonna be a way out of this mess. There’s gotta!

Inspired by actual events.
“Nice little Czech Cirque du Soleil.”
“You don’t know anyone from the committee? Well, good luck.”
“This is our company mascot’s costume. Can you do the routine in it?”
“I’m sure you can train on our office party.”
“When I used to take gymnastics lessons, I could do this too.”
“I thought you would jump higher.”
“What’s your real job?”

Premiere: 26th October 2021 in the BRAVO!
Theatre The performance was created with the support of the City of Prague and the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.



Vítězslav Ramba
Lukáš Macháček
Jindřich Panský
Mates Petrák
Juliette Jean